How to watch Telefoot La Chaine du Foot outside France

Steps to unblock Telefoot La Chaine :

  1. Setup a Free trial account for
  2. Configure your device to use
  3. Go to Telefoot La Chaine website or use their app if supported. Please look at supported device for Telefoot La Chaine
  • Website:
  • Subscription: Requires Subscription
  • Available Regions:
  • Category: Video On Demand

Telefoot La Chaine du Foot is a french tv channel dedicated to Soccer which allows you to watch the French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Telefoot La chaine du Foot is available on internet streaming only in France, but with you can watch Telefoot La Chaine du Foot outside France also. For that you only need to signup for a free account and then follow the setup instructions for your device.

How to unblock Telefoot outside France using

To watch the Telefoot channel when you are out of France you can use the Smart DNS. To do that you first need to signup for a free account then configure your device with's DNS servers as explained in the setup guides. Once your device is configured and your configuration is validated in your account you will be able to watch the soccer games on the Telefoot channel out of France.

How to install the Telefoot app out of France

You can watch Telefoot La Chaine du Foot on the Telefoot website or with the iOS Telefoot app or with the Android Telefoot app.

How to install the Telefoot app on your Apple TV

On some devices like the Apple TV, you will only be able to watch Telefoot using the app. But in order to be able to install the Telefoot app on your Apple TV, iPad or iPhone, you will need an Apple ID configured for the French App Store. Si if you are not able to find the Telefoot app in the App Store it means that your Apple ID is not configured for France. In this case, you have two options, one is to change your Apple ID country, the second one is to create a new Apple ID account configured for France. The second option is the most useful because it will allow you to easily switch from the App Store of a country to the other and it will also allow you to keep the apps that you already have bought or installed with your actual Apple ID.

You can follow the instructions to setup a new French Apple ID allowing you to access the App Store of France. Then change the App Store country on your Apple TV using the account you just created and you will be able to find and install the app Telefoot La Chaine du Foot.

How to install the Telefoot app on your iPad or iPhone

If you cannot find the Telefoot app on your iPad or iPhone, you will need to configure your device with a french Apple ID. If you have not done it yet, create a French Apple ID account, then in your iPad or iPhone settings, in the App Store section, sign out from your actual Apple ID then sign in with the new french Apple ID. This way, when you open the App Store on your device, you will be able to find and install Telefoot even if you are not in France. If you wish, you can also install other french apps like MyTF1, or Molotov TV. Once the app is installed, you can sign out from the french Apple ID and sign in back your with your original Apple ID to be able to access again the original App Store country. This won't remove the Telefoot app from your device.

How to sign up for a Telefoot account outside France

To be able to watch Telefoot, you will need to have a Telefoot La Chaine du Foot paid-subscription. If you are not a Telefoot subscriber yet and you are out of France, you can still subscribe on the Telefoot website after creating your account and configured your device with SmartDNS.

You should be aware that you can pay for your Telefoot subscription by buying French App Store Gift Cards. You can easily buy them on the internet, for example on the French Apple website. Once you have your French App Store Gift Card bought, you can use it to add credits to your French Apple ID account. With these credits, you will be able to subscribe directly in the Telefoot App on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Supported Devices for Telefoot La Chaine

Device Setup Guide
Apple TV Setup Apple TV
Android Setup Android
Mac OS X Setup Mac OS X
Windows 10 Setup Windows 10
Windows 8 Setup Windows 8
Windows 7 Setup Windows 7
iPad Setup iPad
iPhone Setup iPhone

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