How to watch Molotov TV outside France

Steps to unblock :

  1. Setup a Free trial account for
  2. Configure your device to use
  3. Go to website or use their app if supported. Please look at supported device for
  • Website:
  • Subscription: Free
  • Available Regions:
  • Category: Video On Demand

Molotov TV is a French TV streaming service. Molotov TV allows you to watch 35 french TV channels live and on demand. Molotov TV is available only in France but you can watch Molotov outside France with To unblock Molotov TV in any country you just need to create an account on for Free then setup your device using one of the configuration guide available below.

With Molotov TV you can watch these channels: TF1France 2France 3France 5M6ArteC8W9TMCNT1LCP Public SénatFrance 4BFM TVCNewsCSTARGulliFrance ÔHD1L'Équipe6terNuméro 23RMCLCIFrance InfoTV5 MondeNolifeFrance 24BFM BusinessEuronewsLCP 100%Public SénatCampagnes TVFashion TVLuxe TV et M6 Boutique and Co.

How to unblock Molotov TV outside France using

To be able to watch Molotov TV outside France you can use Liberador SmartDNS. To do that you can create a Free account on and then configure your device with DNS servers. Once you have done these steps, just validate your configuration in your account page, restart your device and you are ready to watch Molotov TV outside France.

How to create a Molotov TV account outside France

You can create a free Molotov TV account from any country on Molotov website at or from the Molotov TV App.

How to install Molotov TV App outside France

To watch Molotov TV on your computer you can install the Molotov TV App for Mac and PC from any country.

To be able to install the Molotov App on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, you will need to use an Apple account setup for the french App Store. If your Apple account is not setup for France, you can change your Apple account country to France or create a new one for France following the instructions on With a french Apple account you can install the Molotov App from any country.

To install the Android Molotov App you will have to do it with a french Google account on the french Play Store. It is not possible to change the region for an existing Google account so if you don't have a french Google account you will have to create one. To create a french Google account you have to do it from the French Play Store.

You can access the french Play Store from any country using To access the french Play Store you need to configure Play Store region to France in your account region configuration page on Once the region is configured to France, just restart your device and you will have access to the french Play Store. Accessing the french Play Store you will be able to create a french Google account and install the Molotov TV App on your Android device.

Supported Devices for

Device Setup Guide
Windows 11 Setup Windows 11
Android Setup Android
iPad Setup iPad
iPhone Setup iPhone
Windows XP Setup Windows XP
Windows 8 Setup Windows 8
Mac OS X Setup Mac OS X
Windows 7 Setup Windows 7
Amazon Fire TV Setup Amazon Fire TV
Windows 10 Setup Windows 10
Apple TV Setup Apple TV

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